Travel Writing 2.0: An Interview with Amanda Black

First, it’s probably important to start off by letting everyone know that yes, I’m back! Life has been nothing short of crazy lately, probably because in the last two months, I have:

1. Married my unbelievably talented best friend Ryan (pics to come from our awesomely talented photographer, Pie Bell)
2. Took a wonderful mini-moon with my new husband up the coast of California (pics to come…and wow, I have a husband!)
3. Drove through the Sonora Desert back to our little home in Tucson
4. Planned my syllabus for a new writing course I’m teaching this fall
5. Started teaching that new course
6. Started working on my dissertation proposal (this should probably be ten bullet points instead of just one, since it’s that time-consuming….)
7. Began taking my first digital photography class
8. Had like a million writing deadlines all pop up at once and started writing for Sherman’s Travel (see some of my newest articles here!)
9. Started working on the details for my next FAM, which will be in Costa Rica this November!

Of course, this means the daily grind isn’t so grinding at all, and I am so grateful for the love, vitality, and passion in every day since our wedding day. In some ways, my absence from the blog was a necessary one, as I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to decide how to balance these many aspects of my life and figure out exactly who I am as a writer, a scholar, a blogger, a photographer, a wife (still trying to get used to that one!), etc…. While I’m still most definitely figuring all that out, I do want to give you a little something today to remind you that I’m here, I’m writing, I’m working, and I’m generally just trying to make the many things I’m doing right now fit together in the best way possible. And that I will be back 🙂 Life is definitely a wild ride, isn’t it?

amandaHere’s a recent interview I did for Travel Writing 2.0 with Amanda Black, Associate Editor of Sherman’s Travel. Amanda and I recently met on our FAM to Malaysia, and we became instant friends. We both share that wanderlust that I’ve come to know so well, and we’re both working to make our love for writing a real part of our everyday lives. Click here to read our interview and enjoy.

Yours in travel and happy conversation,



  1. Marv Diamond – 5 glorious stars!!! It doesn’t get betetr than this. A beautiful memory of your special day. Can’t wait to see the full version. What’s Lam talkin ’bout? Love you both, Dad

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