My first teaching gig - UTB in Cartagena, Colombia

My first teaching gig – UTB in Cartagena, Colombia

In addition to working as a freelance writer, editor, and blogger, I also teach classes at the University of Arizona. I’ve also taught courses online and at the Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar in Cartagena, Colombia. Here is a list of writing and language classes I’ve taught as well as some comments from students who’ve taken my courses in the past.

Courses I’ve Taught:

  • ENGL308, Technical Writing & Communication
  • ENGL101, Genre Analysis
  • ENGL102 + Wildcat Writers Service-Learning Program
  • TRAD103, Arts & Politics of Latin America
  • SPAN102, Second-Semester Spanish
  • ENGL101, First-Year Composition: Close-Reading & Critical Thinking
  • ENGL102, First-Year Composition: Argument & Persuasion
  • ENG101 (Effective Essay Writing: Introduction to Writing Academic Papers)
  • COM155 (Effective Writing for Communication I: Grammar-Focused)
  • COM155 (Effective Writing for Communication I: Essay-Focused)
  • COM156 (Effective Writing for Communication II: Writing & Research)

Pairing my rhetoric class with local high school students – University of Arizona

Praise from my Writing Students

I learned so much about how to accommodate different people and bring different personalities together for a common goal. Overall I feel I am a lot more conscious of myself in and out of my writing after taking this course. I just think more about what I am saying and what I am doing, and I think that’s something everyone should do more of in our world. Thanks for doing such a great job teaching this course. – Cody M. (from my ENGL308 class, Fall 2014)

What this class taught me is that although you have a clear endpoint you must consider the view in different angles. That just because you view something a certain way doesn’t mean everybody else does, and in order to be a successful writer you must have some sort of compassion for other opinions and ways of knowing. – Kevin Y. (from my ENGL308 class, Fall 2014)

Thinking back through the semester, I had the assumption that technical writing would be the method of creating written documents of a highly technical (and boring) nature. Things such as exhaustive manuals, lab reports, and other things that people don’t truly read unless their professional interests or responsibilities call them to….I was pleased to find out I was wrong, and that technical writing is instead how to make such information accessible to people; and not just people with a technical background who understand the report language, but communicating those details to anyone. Technical writing is not based around the “technical” issues. It’s based on the people who need to communicate “technical” information to. – Matthew B. (from my ENGL308 class, Fall 2014)

Every assignment was full of new material, and that was my favorite part of taking this class. I enjoyed learning about color, font, WHITE SPACE (everyone’s favorite term), and especially the golden ratio. One of the funniest things about being in school, is utilizing the skills you learn in class and applying them to real situations. In my math class, I talked about the golden ratio, in biology I designed a beautiful presentation about the human genome, and in epidemiology I wrote a paper that utilized the things we read in the class book. When you can use new knowledge in this way, it provides a beautiful opportunity to flourish….Overall, this semester has been a blast, and even though I’ve had to get my butt out of bed on a Saturday, I wouldn’t change my experience for the world. –Savannah C. (from my ENGL308 class, Fall 2014)

Now that I have taken this course to me being an effective writer contains many elements to it. A writer first obviously has to have something useful to talk about, but they also have to be concerned about how to document looks to a user, whether it be font and color scheme, or the placement of certain items and the amount of white space that it used. All these things play a huge part in the success of a piece of technical writing. Plus, all the new uses of programs and technology that I have been introduced to have helped me greatly, I no longer need to be confined to the Microsoft Office programs! –Myls M. (from my ENGL308 class, Fall 2014)

I loved having this course. I was never afraid to ask any kind of question. You can question you instructor or your classmates. I always had a good time learning new things in each chapter. No matter what you think the chapter is about always read it and do the excerises that go with it. I found it very helpful. -Stephanie B. (from my COM155 class, Fall 2014)

Your course has been one of my favorite college classes and I learned so many useful things! Thank you again and have a great summer! – Murphy H. (from my ENGL308 class, Spring 2014)

I am glad you shared this educational experience with me. I thank you and keep inspiring others as you do! – Pamela S. (from my COM155 class, Spring 2014)

I have to admit I was skeptical about this course when I first began, since I have not written an essay in over 15 years. Thanks to the way the course was presented through the syllabus and the instructor, I feel more confident about my writing skills and I am looking forward to future essays. I also have to thank my classmates for the ideas and different points of view by way of the replies to the DQ’s. This course has been a pleasure. Thank you! – Dan H. (from my COM155 class, Spring 2014)

Thank you Kristin. You are very helpful. I wish though out this class when I had questions I would have just asked them instead of just trying to figure them out for myself. I have learned so much from your class. It has been very insightful and inlighting. I have truly enjoyed taking your class. It has really got me ready for my next class. -Steven S. (from my COM155 class, Fall 2013)

Kristen, thank you for all of your help. You have truly been so inspirational and made me a better writer. Thank you for all of your feedback and taking the time to answer all of our questions! – Shaniece Y. (from my COM155 class, Summer 2013)

Since learning at the beginning of the semester the definition of rhetoric, I have been seeing it everywhere I go.  Signs on buildings, commercials on television, posters on campus, everywhere my eyes turn, I see rhetoric.  At the beginning of the class, I thought nothing of rhetoric and after the first day everything changed.  – Tyler B. (from my ENGL102 class, Spring 2013)

After taking this class I started to take into consideration all of these visual and spatial analysis techniques when watching movies, looking at art, among other things that we see every day, I especially started to notice more things in movies, since I tend to watch a couple a week. Instead of just listening and watching what the characters are doing I start to notice everything in the background and how things are set up. I usually watch movies where they are trying to solve crimes so all of this comes in handy when competing with my sister on who can solve it first, because I notice things that she doesn’t. – Yaxaira D. (from my ENGL102 class, Spring 2013)

Hello Kristin I hope I did [my final paper] the right way, I have learned a lot from your feedback and I hope that my final essay reflects upon this. Writing is definitely not my strongest point but over these last few weeks there has been so much to learn in such a short time frame. I think that as long as I practice the information that was taught to me in this class my writing will get better. Thank you for all your support and understanding! – Patience A. (from my COM155 class, Spring 2013)

My definition for literacy is now this: Literacy is something that takes time and effort to develop. Now I understand that there are varying degrees of literacy for each thing that one attempts to do. An example of varying degrees of literacy could be a second graders literacy of math compared to a fourth graders literacy of math. It is unfair to say whom is more literate in the subject especially without getting to know the background of both the second and fourth grader.
Bijam A.(from my ENGL101 class, Fall 2012)

My experience in this class has been very rewarding. Aside from the early morning class, I have enjoyed the curriculum and the teaching methods. I have learned some very valuable lessons that I know will benefit my work in the future. English has been one of my most enjoyable classes this term, and I am pleased with the grades I have come out of with.
Calli W. (from my ENGL101 class, Fall 2012)

Ms. Mock’s English 101 class has really pushed me over the threshold into the realm of being a college level writer. This class has taught me better grammar, totally new forms of essays, and how to properly format my body paragraphs. These mains things along with other knowledge that I have acquired from this class will help me in my other writing classes. It has also given me faith in my own writing ability and trust that I can produce quality essays.
Casey W.(from my ENGL101 class, Fall 2012)

In high school I was able to construct an entire essay on a subject that I had no previous knowledge about, not do any research on it and still receive an A because I made it sound like I knew what I was talking about.  I could make up everything about it and as long as I sounded confident in my writing, that was enough.  However that is not how I wanted things to be in college.  This English course with Ms. Mock has helped to change that and improve my potential to be a great writer…..Overall I have learned much more in this English course than I ever expected.  I am thankful to have had Ms. Mock to help me through the difficult times and to always be there for me.
Kylie D. (from my ENGL101 class, Fall 2012)

I have definitely become a stronger writer after taking this course. Not only do my grades over the course of the semester reflect this but in my mind this semester has made me a better writer. I feel more confident in understanding a prompt and writing with a purpose, rather than aimlessly writing.
Marcos G. (from my ENGL101 class, Fall 2012)

Learning how to write in a professional manner has really made learning to write interesting.  I never realized that the way I wrote could be viewed in so many different ways according to whom was reading it….I believe that you can never know too much and that practice makes perfect.
Sandra M. (from my COM156 class, Fall 2012)

Shortly after the start of this class I realized that when people read your writing, they will not process the message your trying to portray unless your spelling is correct.  I usually read my Facebook news feed at night before I go to sleep.  Now I find myself picking out spelling and grammar mistakes!  I think I can speak for everyone when I say that Facebook started off as a social network for you and your friends, but now thanks to this class I realize it’s is a virtual representation of yourself.
Dolores C. (from my COM156 class, Fall 2012)

I feel like I have learned so much with my writing and I look forward to applying what I have learned to my other classes as well. This class has been a little more challenging than my others, but it has helped me learn more of what I need to obtain my degree.
Greg W. (from my COM156 class, Fall 2012)

When I said,” I honestly feel that I have acquired valuable tools that I will need if I am to become a well polished writer.”, I meant every syllable! I have Com 156 to look forward to now, and I hope that Kristin Mock is my instructor in that class as well.  Kristin, as a professor is very professional, and I believe she cares about her students.  I would welcome her as a professor in Com 156.  She has been instrumental in helping me to realize the real writing ability that I have within myself.  If it wasn’t for her I would continue to believe that I was the greatest writer in the world.  And I would have been wrong.  I welcome her input as well as her criticism.  It would be my advice to new students that enter Com 155, to request her as their professor.
Warren R.(from my COM155 class, Summer 2012)

The little fairy on this card reminded me of your pleasant personality! You never fail to have a smile of your face and I admire how uplifting you are. You genuinely care about all of your students and their grades and understanding of the class. I hope to be able to visit Cartagena this summer when I go to Colombia, and when I do, I’ll email you my experience! Thank you lots 🙂
Cristina F. (from my ENGL102 class, Spring 2012)

One thing I have very much enjoyed about the feedback you give, Kristin, is that you do give positive feedback as well as mention areas that need work. That way I know what I am doing right which keeps me on the right track in those areas. 🙂
Melissa D. (from my COM155 class, Spring 2012)

Kristin, I must admit, I did not think I was capable of writing anything like an essay or research paper. Thank you very much for all your help along the way.
David D. (from my COM156 class, Spring 2012)

Prior to taking this course, I would have not been able to say that I could be my own editor and view my writing from a critical eye. Now, learning and applying all that has been taught through this course (thank you Kristin) I believe that I have been able to build stronger writing skills.
Tisha L. (from my COM156 class, Spring 2012)

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH Ms. Mock!!!!! You are truly the BEST!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday I truly enjoyed having you as a TA and will miss you next semester!!!!
Stephanie S. (from my TRAD103 class, Fall 2011)

Ms. Kristin you have touched my heart with your messages. You are the best. Thank you so much for your great support, I really appreciate all your help that you are providing us with….You made me almost cry, because I can see that you CARE. That is most important thing for me. I will try to do my best, thank you again Ms. Kristin.
Have a great night.
Katarina H. (from my COM156 class, Fall 2011)

When I first saw that this was my upcoming class I wasn’t too excited. I figured since I more than likely learned all this stuff in high school it would be a complete waste of nine weeks. Through the first week or so I carried this outlook on this course, that is until I realized I was in for a real surprise. To my amazement I wasn’t too well versed in the world of grammar and writing. Who would have figured that? I can’t tell you how much this course has changed the way I write. It has helped me on every level of writing, from my spelling and punctuation, to my form and structure. Even my other classes have had amazing benefits from this course.
Andrew J. (fom my COM156 class, Fall 2011)

Thank you, Kristin! Having a great instructor makes everything alright! You have taught me more about proper writing styles that all of my previous teachers combined! For this, I am eternally grateful.
Everett P. (from my COM156 class, Fall 2011)

Ms. Mock! I just wanted to say thank you for everything this semester. I have earned so much from you that I will continue to use. I loved your
teaching style and I always enjoyed your class. You’re an amazing teacher and I wish you luck with everything in your future.
Olivia S. (from my English 102 class, Spring 2011)

Thanks for a great semester of English! I feel honored to have had you as one of my professors.
Charity R. (from my English 102 class, Spring 2011)

Thank you Ms. Mock! Seriously. I’m not a fan of English, but seriously you have made it so much more enjoyable and so far this has been one of my favorite classes!
Claire L.(from my English 102 class, Spring 2011)

This has overall been one of my favorite classes that I have taken so far, and I have learned so much that I will be able to bring with me through out the rest of school, and also through out any time that I write academically or professionally in the future. I appreciate everything that we have learned, and I am honestly upset that this class is ending so soon. I would be lying if I said that it seemed to go by slow; the past 8 weeks have gone by too quickly!
Amanda S. (from COM156 course, Summer 2011)

First, I must start by saying I have enjoyed your class immensely. I felt your excitement, wonderful attitude, and passion for writing within the previous eight weeks. Through your writing I felt you were always in a good mood and always willing to help even while dealing with wisdom teeth issues. You have made English far more enjoyable than my previous instructor, I felt you were fully involved in our learning and for that I thank you. Ms Mock, once again, I just wanted to state it has been a pleasure working with you these past eight about to be nine weeks. I appreciate your diligence and I have truly learned a lot.
Kasia M. (from COM156 course, Summer 2011)

I have become more open to my writings now that I have read some samples and learned more about writing.  This has helped me to include more in my writing to make them better.  I plan on utilizing each of these different strategies in all my writings for the future so that I can produce the best writing possible.  I think that this class has definitely helped me to become more passionate about writing in becoming a better writer in general.
Schawn C. (from COM156 course, Summer 2011)

Hello Ms. Mock, I would like to first say that I really enjoyed this class and that you are an excellent teacher with great writing skills. Your weekly feedback it was great; It pointed out my deficiencies and you added ways to correct them. I very much appreciate all of the help you have given me.
John B. (from COM156 course, Summer 2011)

Kristin, I will say that you would happen to be my first favorite teachers throughout my school career, I like the overall manner of your teaching style. I feel like you really care about your students and care that they understand things correctly. The final essay in and of itself was invaluables to learn in its entirety. You gave very inspiring feedback that pushed me on to greater heights. Thanks Kristin, this class has been the most informative and most challenging class as of yet.
Matthew D. (from COM156 course, Summer 2011)

I enjoyed that you did not criticize me and try to point out the negative things in a wrong way. I liked the way that you went about the things that I was lacking in because you did not try to crush me to help me. This was important to me because in my first block of classes that is what the teacher did and it was not helpful most of the time. She made me want to give up like nothing was ever good enough. Let me end this off with I had lots of fun learning experience’s in your class, you did a great job.
Michael (from COM156 course, Summer 2011)

I am going to be honest I love your positive feed back, it really helps me to work hard.  I have learned a ton from this class and really enjoy it. So thank you!  Kelley!
Kelley (from COM156 course, Spring 2011)

I will continue to keep all my information from this class to help me in future classes to come and I wish all of you the best of luck in all your classes and whatever you set out to accomplish. You have made me feel good about my decision to come back to school. I feel like I am not in this by myself anymore.
Tiombe (from my ENG101 course, 2010)

Different cultures aren’t so different, even though we speak different languages!  I have progressed so much this year, and am very proud.  Thank you, Srta. Mock, for teaching me!
Craig S. (from my Spanish 102 course, Spring 2010)

I really loved this class!  Kristin’s class gave me insight into other countries of the world that I’d never considered before:  it really opened my eyes.  I am so happy that I took this course.
Mya (from my Spanish 102 class, Fall 2009)

Dear Kristin,
Thank you for everything you’ve done this year. You were one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and I really enjoyed your class. I learned a lot this
year and I thank you for actually teaching me something about writing. Congratulations on graduation, best of luck to you, you’ll be a great teacher. I hope to see you around!
Zach (from my ENGL102 class , Spring ’09)

Dear Miss Mock,
….I really enjoyed having you as a teacher and hope I can have you again.  Your class this semester was very interesting and I was glad I had the opportunity to “sit-in”! You were a great teacher and I’m very lucky to have had you for my first semester!
Allie (from my ENGL101 class, Fall ’08)

Hi Kristin,
I wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure to be in your class this semester.  I really and truly feel that you have had a great impact on
my writing, and I found your class to be very enjoyable.  Thank you for everything that you have done this semester, and I wish you well.
Steven (from my ENGL102 class, Spring ’09)

Kristin, I have also found myself analyzing things in my everyday life, especially on the bus.  When I ride the bus I view people so differently now.  How did they get there?  Where are they going?  Why do they have two different shoes on?  I analyze everything about them; I make up the stories of their past and sometimes their future….this class has made me wonder why?  How?….and has made me want to know who people really are.
Kristen (from both my ENGL101 and ENGL102 classes, 2008-2009)