One Question with Britany Robinson: Independent Travel

Britany Robinson likes to tell the story about how she left a trail of bedrooms with little plastic stars stuck to the ceilings as she moved from place to place with her parents growing up. Now, as that little girl's lust for movement never stopped, Britany is leaving a trail of metaphorical stars everywhere she goes and writing about it on her … [Read more...]

Kristin, Meet Your New Passport. Passport, Meet Kristin.

The picture you see here isĀ  *almost* the reason that I couldn't accept this incredibly awesome gig in Thailand this week. My passport, you ask? Yes, my passport. And no, I hadn't let it expire, I hadn't lost it in the move, and I hadn't accidentally taken Ryan's to the airport instead. Instead, I'd been invited to come and see a country that … [Read more...]