Photo Essay: Colours of 1 Malaysia Festival

The Colours of 1 Malaysia festival, which was held on May 25th, 2013 at Dataran Mederka, Kuala Lumpur, is hard to describe in words. Founded in 1999 to reflect and celebrate the cultural, racial, sexual, and economic diversity of Malaysia, the event has become an enormous parade, complete with thousands of dancers, costumes, floats, props, and waving hand-clappers for the audience members. This year, I–along with the rest of the international group I’m traveling with–had the enormous honor of attending this event, and while I tend to fall asleep at most parades, I didn’t find myself fidgeting until the ninth segment about three hours in (which was, by the way, a segment highlighting Malaysia’s shopping–complete with dancers dressed as price tags waving signs with discount stickers on them). To their credit, though, I’d definitely never seen shopping done so artistically before.

So, to truly honor this bonanza of international proportions, I thought I’d let my photos do the work for me. Enjoy the colorful brightness that is Malaysia.

DSC_0735 copy

DSC_0665 copy

DSC_0667 copy

DSC_0682 copy

DSC_0732 copy

DSC_0705 copy

DSC_0740 copy

DSC_0721 copy



DSC_0748 copy

A special thanks to Tourism Malaysia and AEROMEET 2013 for graciously hosting me on this trip. All photographs are the author’s own.


  1. Ken Mock says:

    Colorful, exciting, unique and you were there! This event should be marketed to all global agencies so that their clientele is aware of this awesome annual event.

  2. Elizabeth Kwederas says:

    WOW! What a beautiful celebration of heritage and pride in one’s culture! Your photography is fantastic! I especially love the close-up of the woman in the blue costume and veil – she is stunning! What a beautiful sight this must have been!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth!

      I’m really working on improving my photography, and this was an excellent chance to get up close and personal 🙂 Being a media person, I had special permission to be in the front of the line–it was such an honor!


  3. Melinda Winet says:

    what colorful pictures.. looks loud and fun.. lot’s of happiness……….love your photos!

  4. great job on your nighttime captures with your dslr, the depth of field is great on the close ups


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